Interesting Photo Edges Without Masks

Colored Pencil Sketch Effect

for Paint Shop Pro 9.x

This short tutorial is a demonstration of how to create a colored pencil sketch effect from a photograph.

Open the photograph you would like to work with in Paint Shop Pro's work space.

Re-size the image to your desired dimensions. At this point, I like to place a symmetrical border around all sides of my image by selecting Image | Add Borders. In the dialog box, place a check in the Symmetric box and enter the desired width of the border.

Next, choose Selections | Select All (Ctrl + A). Edit | Copy (Ctrl + C).

From the Effects menu, choose Edge Effects | Find All and apply. You will see results similar to this:

Step 1: Application of Find All Edges

While the black and white sketch effect looks nice, we can go one further and apply some color to this image to make it look like colored pencils have been used for the sketch.

From the Edit menu, choose Paste as a New Layer (Ctrl +L). This pastes the copy of your original image on a new layer (Raster 1) above the sketch (Background). In the Layers palette, double-click the Raster 1 layer. This will open the Layer Properties dialog window. You can achieve the same thing by selecting Properties from the Layer menu. Use the drop-down to set the blend mode to Overlay. If you'd like a more dramatic amount of color, select Burn mode instead of Overlay. If you would like, you can merge the layers and use the Magic Wand tool to select the border, and use the flood fill tool with or without a texture to create a matte. My results are below.

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