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Copper BushIst-Shaman.org springs from the individual interests of family members. Therefore, a variety of subjects and content can be found here.

In "real life", Rebbeka is a mostly-retired self-taught web and graphics designer. She is a contributing author to the 1999 "Best Computer Book of the Year" award-winning book Creating Paint Shop Pro Web Graphics.

Rebbeka is the mother of three children (two young men and a young lady). Rebbeka and Bob met online in late 1991 and were married in early 1992. Unlike many online relationships, theirs has grown and flourished throughout the years.

Rebbeka also enjoys the many challenges that computers in general offer, from building one from the ground up to troubleshooting and repairing problems. A few other interests include her perennial and rose gardens, reading, and caring for the household pets.

Bob works for the federal government as a language analyst. He has a working knowledge of 5 foreign languages, and a fair knowledge of English. (Haha!) At this point in his life, he is preparing for and looking forward to retirement.

Bob enjoys reading, music, the NY Mets, Syracuse Orange and the Oakland Raiders. He's becoming interested in birding and wild animal rehabilitation. As an aside, he works with a friend doing white dove releases for weddings and memorial services.

Bob shares Rebbeka's interest in the computer challenges that often arise. Bob is particularly good with hardware issues. Although they do not pursue these talents as business, they often are called upon by friends and family for help in this area.

Ist-Shaman.org hopes that you will find content that will be a useful resource.